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Frequently Asked Questions

Does some one need to be home for delivery?

Yes! Our meals are not insulated, they come bagged up but when out of our care are susceptible to the elements. Some one needs to be home, near by, or a cooler with ice should be present.

What time can I expect my delivery?

We deliver meals between 8am and 1pm. Meals will always be delivered before 1 or you will be notified. When checking out you’ll see a estimated window we should be in your area, but times will always vary due to specific time request and even the elements. If a specific time is needed it’s best to request a specific time frame in your delivery notes.

Can I pick my own meals with a subscription?

Yes absolutely! Meals will only automatically selected if you have a subscription scheduled to deliver and haven’t selected meals by the specific cut off time. Meal selections can be made on the my subscription page.

How many portion sizes are your meals?

Our meals are all single serve portions unless other wise indicated. Our “Family Take and Bake” meals are family sized portions, and other meals are individually portioned for one person.

How long will my meals last refrigerated?

All of our meals are designed to last 5-6 days if properly refrigerated. Although we do recommend in the 3-5 range on salads and seafood.

Do you deliver out of state?

We currently do not offer any, shipping on our meals. All of our deliveries are hand delivered by our staff locally.

Can I just order one time? I don’t want a subscription.

Yes! Absolutely. Simply click the “Order” Tab, then click a la carte. That will let you select exactly what meals you would like, and exactly how many you would like without any type of commitment.

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