Port City Preps


We are a Mobile Alabama based meal prep and catering service. Simply put, we specialize in healthy nutritious meals that are far from bland and ordinary. Not only do we aim to supply the best tasting, most healthy food imaginable, we want it to be convenient for you too. Everyone wants to eat better. Most of us know we should be making healthier choices, but let’s be serious, who has the time to plan, cook, and organize a weeks’ worth of meals. (Not to mention the dishes that follow.) That’s where we come in. Healthy meals delivered to your work or home at your convenience. No grocery shopping, No extra prep work, No wasting family time cleaning. As simple as heat and eat. Order as little as 3 plates or meals for the whole family’s week. From high school athletes to living assisted grandparents and everyone in between we have a wide variety built to satisfy the pickiest eaters. Thank you for choosing Port City Preps! Your Healthy Addiction.

Craig Barbarin

Our Head Chef

“I was Born in New Orleans Louisiana in 1989 and I’ve been chasing delicious food ever since. I got my first job as a bus boy at the age of 15, but my love for culinary and service started way before then. I have memories that date back to as young as 9 years old, of me eagerly burning a soup recipe I learned at boy scout camp while trying to impress my parents. Fast forward almost 20 years later and that passion and devotion remain. I was trained professionally under my father for 10 years in our New Orleans style family restaurant. While learning and developing my culinary skills I also worked as a personal trainer at Jason’s Health and Fitness in mobile. In the five years I spent personal training, I instructed clients in work out routines as well a personalized goal specific meal plans. I’ve spent years learning the ins and outs of both the restaurant and fitness industry and from that Port City Preps was born..”


Tiffany Tans
After hearing great things about Port City Preps from several clients, I had to try it for myself. Just finished my first meal of the 4 I purchased and it was AWESOME! I'm so excited and thankful for such healthy convenience! As a new nursing and working mom this saves me time, money, and calories! Many thanks, I'll be a regular!
Christy Hanke
Today was my first time trying it and it was fantastic! I highly recommend.
Robert Christopher Brown
Man can't say enough about the taste and quality! Port city preps delivers good, tasty, clean eating!
Joe Lloyd
I'm always working and don't have the time to cook. These meals are perfectly proportioned and taste great. Definitely worth the money.
Keri New
I have ordered 4 meals and just placed my order for next weeks lunches. These guys are doing an amazing job! Having meals in hand helps keep me from splurging because I never remember to bring what I cook.
Michael Pittman
Ordered 5 meals with salmon, asparagus and squash, food was prepared perfectly! Will be making weekly orders from here on out, the salmon is delicious!
Britni Tucker Rivers
I ordered my meals for the week. I was spending twice as much and a crazy amount of time preparing them at home. The food is delicious! I'll be ordered every week from here out. Thank you Port City Preps!
Andrea Celeste
I am absolutely loving the food! Portions are perfect, the flavors are delicious. This is definitely so much better than any fast food or anything frozen.
Elizabeth Stanford
Had our first meal last night and loved it!! Even my picky 12 yr old was ready to lick the bowl!! Thanks for keeping our Friday night easy and healthy! We will definitely be ordering again.
Amanda Caroline Sims
Second Port City Preps meal in 2 days. Phenomenal!!! Grilled salmon and asparagus are the way to go! I feel like I have a personal chef.
Ashley Boone
Everything I've had so far is great! I love being able to bring healthy portioned food to work for lunch. Helps keep me on track by getting my protein and veggies in daily. Very very happy with this service!
Jen Johnson
Port City Preps makes the tastiest healthy easy to grab meals ever! I love the convenience of having it in the fridge ready to go without all of the sodium and weirdness of a frozen meal from the grocery store. So affordable and delish!
April McInnis
Best money spent! Food is very delicious. I'm very impressed. My first time ever ordering anything like this. Anyone that knows me I hate grocery shopping and meal prep. This will be my way from now on.
Patricia Smith Rodriguez
I ordered 4 to try this week, pleasantly surprised at not only how good they were but how satisfied I was for several hours! Such an easy way to eat healthy and smart!! Can't wait to see what swimsuit season looks like for me this summer! Woohoo!
Jennifer Haring
The food is healthy and delicious at an affordable price! The meals are prepared fresh and made to order. I personally love the salmon. I cannot wait to see the weekly specials and the new things to come.
Johannah Rodriguez Bosarge
I ordered 5 meals to eat after working out (so I don't eat out!!) and can I say i LOOK FORWARD to getting home so I can eat one lol. These meals are healthy and quality made and they're all flavored perfectly! As a busy mom of two, this is convenient and affordable to keep me on track and eating healthy during the week! I'll definitely be ordering again!!
Carena Kaiser
I love all my different meal options, and the food is fresh and delicious. I've done Jenny Craig before and the processed food was NOT good and not worth the money. I'm losing weight and feeling great with this program. For someone who has a love affair with food this food satisfies not only my taste but my weight loss goals.
Matt Mullins
I absolutely love the food here, and the service is great too. If it were a restaurant, I would go there every single day for every meal! haha In all seriousness, the veggies are perfect and the meat is never dry and always cooked to perfection, even after freezing. You can't go wrong with Port City Preps if you want fresh, healthy, and delicious food delivered right to your door.
Katie Aloi
So freakin good. I ordered meals for my family for 3 days worth and we are impressed. I'm a busy mom and don't have much time for cooking. Anything you can throw in the microwave and heat up that still tastes fresh and delicious will have my vote. Customer services is also excellent. If you haven't tried them yet...you're missing out!