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Fresh and Healthy

Daily Meal Delivery

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Current Weekly Menu Selection.

Choose from a wide variety of Chef inspired fresh and healthy meals each week!

How things Work

Locally sourced ingredients ensure the freshest flavors. Always delivered fresh & never frozen.

Meals are designed to promote health & wellness by focusing on macronutrient breakdowns.

Our chefs do all of the prepping & cooking for you. Meals are delivered prepared & ready to eat.

Daily deliveries straight your doorstep. No pickups.

Meal programs for every lifestyle?

Whether you’re here for weight loss, health reasons, or everyday convenience, we specialize in customizing your meals according to your specific dietary needs.

Eating smart and healthy has never been so easy!

Family Meal Packs

Chef's Choice or Your Choice

Select 10 or 20 meals that can be shipped nationally or you can pick-up at our store.

Weekly Meal Plan

Chef's Choice or Your Choice

Want to reduce the time you spend on making food. Let our chef's create your meals based on your preferences. We take account your allergens, dislikes, likes and previous history to give you the best meal possible.

À la Carte

Your Choice

Use our custom meal plan builder to create your weekly menu by using our advanced system. Choose from our selected menu and get what you need, when you want, for every day of the week.


  • After hearing great things about Port City Preps from several clients, I had to try it for myself. Just finished my first meal of the 4 I purchased and it was AWESOME! I'm so excited and thankful for such healthy convenience! As a new nursing and working mom this saves me time, money, and calories! Many thanks, I'll be a regular!

    Author image
    • Tiffany Tans
  • Man can't say enough about the taste and quality! Port city preps delivers good, tasty, clean eating!

    Author image
    • Robert Christopher Brown
  • I'm always working and don't have the time to cook. These meals are perfectly proportioned and taste great. Definitely worth the money.

    Author image
    • Joe Lloyd.
  • Ordered 5 meals with salmon, asparagus and squash, food was prepared perfectly! Will be making weekly orders from here on out, the salmon is delicious!

    Author image
    • Michael Pittman
  • I have ordered 4 meals and just placed my order for next weeks lunches. These guys are doing an amazing job! Having meals in hand helps keep me from splurging because I never remember to bring what I cook.

    Author image
    • Keri New

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Sending a gift has never been so easy. Simply fill out our form, select the amount you wish to give, and your friend will receive a gift card so they can buy their Meals.